Service process and rates

Each client has its own unique requirements and issues depending on its context, which is why each service is different from one client to another.
Nevertheless, in general terms, the sequence of a service can be presented as follows:
  • A first meeting for you to present your context and your requirements;
  • Following this meeting, we will make a commercial proposal adapted to your specific needs and budget;
  • Once the proposal is accepted, we can begin our work;
  • Invoicing is usually done in time and material (hourly rate);
  • Throughout the mandate, regular meetings are planned (e.g. every two weeks) to present the work progress, the remaining work to be done and the potential difficulties encountered;
  • Depending on the results and your context, the scope of the mandate can be adjusted so that it is always adapted to your reality.
Each mandate being unique, the rates may vary from one mandate to another. Nevertheless, the main parameters that will have an impact on the rates are:
We also offer preferential rates if you are a company based in the Charlevoix region, or if you are registered as a charity. We strongly believe in a local approach to develop business in our regions.
You have a business need or a project idea and you don't know how much it can cost you? You can contact us and we will do a first meeting to answer your questions and give you a better idea of your project feasibility according to your budget.
You can also contact us to simply find out what is possible with your current budget.
In any case, we will be available to answer your questions and to guide you in making your choices.