Delivery and hosting

What is a delivery and hosting mandate?

A delivery and hosting mandate consists in designing and deploying a custom website, an application, or any other software.

There are two main phases, which can be dissociated:
- the delivery phase, which consists in iteratively developing the custom software, according to the requirements and the budget;
- the hosting phase, which consists of deploying the software on a cloud infrastructure.

It is entirely possible to do the delivery phase without the hosting phase if another service provider is already managing the hosting, or if it is managed internally.

Who is it for?

To any company or executive who wants to create a software, a website, or an application in order to save time, increase efficiency, or improve visibility to develop their business with their customers.

In these uncertain economic times and in the current labour shortage, it is important to refocus on core activities and reduce or eliminate time spent on repetitive tasks.

One example is a business process that is manual or semi-automated, paper-based or partially computerized, that takes several hours per week or month, or that has a risk of error or omission.

By reducing the time spent on low value-added tasks, it is then possible to maximize the time spent on the company's core business, whether it is production or selling products or services.

Therefore, by investing in a tailor-made software, it becomes an asset for the company and will improve the return on investment of work time, reduce the risk of manual errors, and avoid overtime.

All this has an impact not only on your professional life but also on your personal life: thanks to these benefits, you can free up more time for yourself, your hobbies or your family life. A better professional life leads to a better personal life.

Why use the services of a software development company? What are the benefits?

There are many online platforms such as Wordpress, Wix and others, which allow in relatively little time and technical knowledge to create and deploy a website.

However, as soon as you want to customize the site, put it in your own image, or move away from pre-designed models, it quickly becomes complex and you are never completely satisfied. This gives a final impression of patchwork. Moreover, with this type of tool, it is impossible to create business management software that corresponds 100% to your reality and your requirements. In the end, we find ourselves having to adapt to the software when it should adapt to us.

By working with a software development company such as ours, you have total control over the visuals and features you wish to have. Indeed, the analysis of your needs is at the heart of our design process. We develop software in steps, analyzing in detail what you want, and regularly integrating your feedback so that you are completely satisfied with the final result.

- You want a website to display your products to your customers and to make online orders?
- An application to simplify the management of your business and your accounting?
- A software that will reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks and reduce the risk of manual errors?

All this is possible by creating a tailor-made software, which fits your context, and your issues, and therefore will allow you to gain maximum efficiency daily.

By calling us, we will conduct a thorough analysis of your project and we will propose the development of a website, application or any other software, tailored to your budget. Furthermore, software quality is our priority. We use state-of-the-art tools and code practices to produce robust, reliable and scalable code over the long term. The goal is that the software or website can accompany you over several years, evolving and adapting along with your company, without having to wipe the slate clean after a few years.

Finally, we can take care of deploying the software or hosting the website on cloud infrastructures, here in Canada, to be geographically close to your customers and to support the local industry.

Our mission in a nutshell: design quality software that meets your requirements, and that will scale over several years.

How does a delivery and hosting mandate work?

To begin with, it is essential to meet with you once so that you can explain your project to us and we can understand your context and do an initial analysis of the situation.

Then, we will make you a commercial proposal corresponding to your budget for the realization of the product.

Once the commercial proposal is accepted, we can start the design of the custom software or website. The development is done in an iterative way (agile practices), which means that we usually work in sequences of two weeks (an iteration) intending to have a working software at the end of each iteration.

At the end of each iteration, we present to you the progress, and the difficulties faced, and you can then give us feedback that we will integrate into the next iteration. This approach also allows us to regularly adjust the scope of the mandate so that it is always adapted to your reality.

Once completed, we can then deliver the software to your company or another existing service provider, or we can take care of the deployment ourselves.

If we do the deployment, it is a new hosting and maintenance mandate.

How long is this type of mandate?

The duration of a tailor-made software or website delivery mandate greatly varies depending on the context, the desired features and the budget. In the software industry, we can indeed observe durations from a few weeks to several years!

Nevertheless, we favour mandate durations of less than 3 months. This allows us to establish a reasonable budget and a list of the most important features, and we can renew the mandate if necessary.

The objective is that in less than 3 months, a functional and usable version can be deployed in production and thus bring you a return on investment quickly.

The hosting phase is a different type of contract for a one-year renewable term.

How much does it cost?

For the delivery phase, billing is usually done at an hourly rate (time and material). The cost depends on the actual time spent, and therefore on the number and complexity of the desired features. Nevertheless, after the first meeting, we will be able to give you a general estimate of the cost according to your context and your requirements.

Regarding the hosting phase on a cloud infrastructure, invoicing is done monthly, based on actual usage. You only pay according to the resources actually consumed, rather than a high fixed rate every month. If you have very few users, the monthly price will be minimal.

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